Meet David


David was born and raised in Northern New Jersey to a working class family. The son of immigrants from Colombia, he is a first-generation American and was the first in his family to go to college. His father, born in Medellin, is a truck driver. His mom, born in Cali, cleaned houses.

Today, David is a Director at a start-up that helps hospitals and universities to ensure worker safety and create accountability for environmental compliance.

Having grown up with a large and diverse extended family, David recognized early on how not everyone in this country was being given the same opportunities. He saw first hand how family members of color weren't treated the same. He saw how growing up a few towns over could put your life on a different path. And he decided that it wasn't enough to be passively better — you have to actively oppose the forces in this country that are determined to maintain the status quo.

Why I'm running

People are struggling to make ends meet. Every year, their rent goes up while their income stays the same. Health insurance gets more expensive, but always seems to cover less. I'm running because I know people are tired of the blanket promises that are always one election away.

Our communities deserve someone who actually represents us, who has the same sense of urgency that we do, and who knows we can’t afford to wait anymore.

Here, the people govern.

"Government is about people. At the end of the day, that's what we're fighting for."

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David Ocampo Grajales
Candidate NJ08

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